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What do we do?

IDAAS provides training on sustainable and self-reliant organic farming practices. We promote the use of organic inputs in production and integrated farming with appropriate technology. The IDAAS community is working toward having a chemical free agricultural environment.

Our motto:

“Helping others to enjoy abundant life.”

Integrated Development Approach Association (IDAAS) is a non-profit organization that is non-discriminatory in relation to race, nationality, gender, religion and politics. Everyone at IDAAS works together toward a chemical-free agricultural society.


Our goals:

v   To educate the rural population on organic farming and encourage consumption of safe food.

v   To train people to reap more from their farming practices, while protecting the environment.

v   To improve the socio-economic and social welfare condition of the people through self reliant and sustainable organic farming practices.


Coming home from the organic farm.

IDAAS means working together. Here we are on our organic farm.

You can work with us in the beautiful Northwest Province of Cameroon.

IDAAS Organic Farm Family
A great day of work and fun.

Please get in touch to find out how you can make a difference in the rural community of Cameroon, Africa!

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Integrated Development Approach Association (IDAAS)
ENS Street Bambili
P.O. Box 14 Bambili
Tubah Sub Division
Mezam Division, N.W. Province
Republic of Cameroon
Integrated Development Approach Association (IDAAS)
7212 62 Street
Glendale, New York 11385-6126